Premium Bi-LED Module

Easy installation using the four pre-assembled adjusting screws on the vehicle body or optionally using a separate carrier frame (accessory)

Bi-lighting technology
As an innovation leader in the field of automotive original equipment, HELLA sets standards through integrated lighting technology in headlamps.

A single module generates both dipped beam and high beam:
Instead of separate reflectors for dipped beam and high beam, a single projection module with one light source (LED) is sufficient on each side of the vehicle.

Dipped beam and high beam from two light sources but without moving parts:
A second reflector supplements dipped beam illumination when switching the headlights to high beam. No mechanical parts are moved to achieve this.

Simple extension of illumination:
When the driver switches to high beam, the light distribution and brightness of the dipped beam setting remain unchanged - high beam illumination extends the existing beam. Constant close-range illumination results in a very comfortable extension/reduction of the visual range for the human eye when switching between dipped beam and high beam.

90 mm cover lens:
Made of plastic – particularly resistant to stone chipping. Non-patterned – for a direct view of the lens.

Free-form reflector:
Free-form plastic reflector calculated by a computer to focus the light through the precision lens.

70 mm lens:
Non-patterned, precision-made from glass, projects the light from the reflector in precisely the desired direction. Excellent light yield and extremely homogeneous illumination with very little scattered light.

Light source:
Mono LED module: 3 white high-power LEDs
Bi-LED module: 6 high-power LEDs
Typical design life of more than 15,000 hours

Matches the HELLA 90 mm module series.
A kit that allows all front lighting functions to be built as 90 mm lights.
Dimensions: 185 mm

Millions of 90 mm module headlamps prove their worth daily under tough conditions.

Our program currently comprises 4 series with an extraordinary product spectrum (Classic, Performance, Premium and Premium LED). The new 90 mm Premium LED product group gives designers new degrees of freedom. The two LED modules (mono-LED and Bi-LED) are an ideal solution, capable of directly replacing existing 90 mm halogen and xenon modules. The LED module is maintenance-free and guarantees excellent lighting performance. The LEDs' long design life of typically more than 15,000 operating hours under genuine conditions (at an ambient temperature of around 50°C) secures huge cost savings compared with the typical maintenance and repair bills incurred by other lighting systems.