Modular LED lamp

Upgrade to LED
Existing filament bulb versions and combinations with LED ring modules can easily be upgraded to LED variants.

Comprehensive product range
Besides the filament bulb models already established on the market (tail lamps, stop lamps, rear fog lamps, back-up lamps and direction indicators), the product range has now been extended to additionally include LED versions.

Direction indicator failure controls
HELLA's patented direction indicator monitoring system makes it possible to use the lamp in line with ECE-R 48 requirements.

The lamps are protected against damage caused by incorrect installation. Sealed to withstand high-pressure cleaning.  Tested to HELLA standard 67101,IP 6K9K, protected against pressure/steam cleaning

High level of vibration resistance
The lamps are tested as per HELLA standard 67101 class 4.1. The high level of vibration resistance makes this product ideal for use in heavy construction machinery.

Long life design
State of the art LED technology enables an optimum signal pattern with low power consumption.

As an innovation leader in the field of automotive original equipment, HELLA sets standards in LED lighting technology.

Extremely low power consumption
The combination of efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) and precision optics enables HELLA combination rear lamps to meet the legally required level of light distribution while using 67% less power than filament bulb lamps!

No need to change the light source, maintenance free, and an extremely long design life thanks to competent thermal management
To extend the lamp's design life, all components feature a temperature-optimised matching design. This prevents overloading the LEDs, even in extremely high ambient temperatures. The use of high-quality LEDs and efficient temperature management mean that these products are designed to last a whole vehicle lifetime, resulting in an attractive 'fit and forget' solution that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Direction indicator monitoring
The direction indicator feature is monitored by the electronics.
The electronics identify defective components or LEDs in the direction indicator feature: this warns the driver of direction indicator failure in any scenario. This in turn ensures compliance with mandatory direction indicator failure detection (as per the ECE regulations).