If you set store by a personalised look – in daytime running light, too –, LEDayFlex is the right choice: Modules that allow a flexible layout support a custom front lighting design.

Even better news: there is no need to restrict this unique look to the daytime – LEDayFlex also offers a position light mode for night-time driving.

LED daytime running light set with or without position light. Comprising 2 module chains with 5 to 8 round LED modules that can be configured to create an illumination system for the vehicle's front end. Light distribution is via the lenticular lens with its computer aided design. The metal housing protects the lighting electronics against external influences while at the same time dissipating heat.

  • Light source: high-power LED for best-in-class light yield; low power consumption of just 5.8 W in daytime running light operation and 0.6 W in position light operation.
  • Cable length: 85 ±5 mm between individual modules. Connector start to first individual module 120 ±10 mm.
  • Fixing: the entire light chain is fastened on the individual modules. Each individual module contains threads for two screws to support flexible positioning and installation.
  • Electronic module: incl. fixed AMP supersealed connector. Cable with jacket and length of approx. 29 cm. Type approval: ECE/SAE
  • Voltage: Multivoltage 12 V and 24 V option.
  • Daytime running light offers decisive safety benefits in road traffic, preventing 58 % of all accidents involving serious injuries.
  • Extremely flat module mounting depth
  • State of the art styling combined with LED power
  • 30 x longer design life than H7 filament bulbs
  • High-power Golden Dragon LEDs for best in class light yield
  • Automatically lit when the ignition is switched on
  • Optimum recognisability in road traffic thanks to daytime running light
  • The special signal pattern of daytime running light is more easily visible than normal dipped beam in daytime road traffic; this reduces the risk of accidents
  • Takes the load off the regular lighting system
  • No additional fuel consumption
  • Reduces exhaust gas emission