• For diverse applications and the highest demands
  • Ongoing expansion of the 90 mm module range
  • Maximum design and techological freedom thanks to modular system
  • More illumination and safety with innovative LED technology

90 mm configurator
This tool shows you the options for equipping or upgrading a vehicle with 90 mm LED modules. See shots from Europe's biggest light testing facility and compare the light distribution of halogen and LED modules, in order to help you make the right choice for your application.

  • Striking design
    Ring-shaped homogeneous daytime running light/position light
  • Conversion
    Existing halogen versions can be easily converted to LED modules (compatible installation solutions)
  • 90 mm LED upgrade
    All lighting functions available with LED technology for maximum design life
  • Design
    40 x 60 mm polycarbonate lenses for varying light distribution as fog light, high beam and fog light with cornering light
  • Housing
    Sturdy die-cast aluminum housing with integrated electronics
  • Resistant to stone chippings
    Polycarbonate cover lens
  • Weight saving
    Polycarbonate lens

Operating voltage: Multi-voltage 9 – 33 V
Functions: High beam, fog light, daytime running light, position light and cornering light
Electrical connection: Integrated 4-pin FEP plug; adaptation to DEUTSCH plug available
Specification*: HELLA Norm N67101 1.2 Car Premium / 3.2 Caravan Premium / 4.1 Bus / 6.1 Truck / 7.2 Agro Plus
Type approval: ECE / SAE

  • High beam ECE-R112 S01 / SAE J566, FMVSS108
  • Fog light ECE-R19 F3 Serie 04 / SAE J583
  • Daytime running light ECE-R87 / SAE J2087
  • Position lamp ECE-R7 / SAE J222
  • Cornering light ECE-R119 / SAE J852

* A HELLA 3A fuse must be used for all LED headlights. A fuse of >3A is not sufficient to safely interrupt the power supply in the event of a fault. In the case of unknown protection, an external safety switch (e.g. 8JD 743 557-021) must always be used. If water gets in, incorrect protection can lead to damage ranging from melting to burning of the product.

Millions of 90 mm module headlights prove their worth daily under tough conditions. Our range currently includes a total of 5 series with an extraordinary number of varieties (Classic, Performance, Premium, L 70 and L4060). The new L4060 LED product group gives designers new degrees of freedom, made possible by a new form of lens (40 x 60 mm) as well as the colored lens openings!

Give your vehicle a striking look!
The design of this new headlight is very compact, but allows for three light functions to be realized in one module without additional electronics.

Drive 20 times around the world without needing to replace the bulb.

  • Bulb replacement has become a thing of the past.
    No maintenance due to passive cooling.
  • No moving parts are necessary (e.g. a fan)
  • Low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions due to the low power consumption of max. 20 W on high beam
  • LED headlights improve safety. The light color is similar to daylight, improving vision and ease of driving (drivers do not tire as quickly)
  • Multi-voltage (12 V, 24 V)
  • ECE and SAE type approval