90 mm round daytime running light

LED daytime running light set with black aluminium housing and integrated relay for upright and hanging installation in or on the front spoiler. Power consumption 5.5 W.
Set content: two lamps with three LEDs each, professional cable set with AMP supersealed connector, holding bracket; weight: 390 g
Installation with mounting plate 9AH 165 968-001 (please order separately).

Matches the 90 mm modular headlamp series.


  • Daytime running light ECE approved (with 3 LEDs)
  • ECE and SAE homologation
  • Diecast aluminium housing; lens made of scratchproof polycarbonate
  • 2 lamps incl. wiring harness, universal bracket
  • 3 high-power LEDs per lamp, multivoltage 9 - 33 V
  • Matches the 90 mm modular headlamp series

Light is not just light:
daytime running light prevents 58 % of all accidents involving serious injuries, these are the results of a survey by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research. A substantial safety advantage that you can ensure in particular by using specially developed daytime running lights. Your vehicle will be seen earlier and more easily, thus giving other road users the often decisive additional reaction time.

You can save up to 90 % fuel compared to dipped beam:
An official investigation by BAST (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen - Germany's Federal Office for Roads) revealed that daytime running light means up to 90 % less additional fuel consumption, compared with having dipped headlamps switched on. Valuable facts to which the same savings potential in terms of
CO2 emission can be added.

Briefly: HELLA daytime running light is not just safer, but also less expensive and more environmentally friendly, than normal dipped beam. If you add the extreme durability of LEDs on top, there can really be no doubts – HELLA daytime running light is the optimum choice in terms of engineering and economy.