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Fully automatic 7A high-frequency charger with 8-stage
charging curve. Ideally suited for applications in caravans,
motorhomes, boats and passenger cars. An LED display and
capacitive button ensure the charger is easy and safe to use.
Battery diagnostic function for the battery level. A special
reconditioning function reconditions deep-discharged batteries
with acid stratification. Equipped with a unique maintenance
charge function, a mode for optimised charging on cold
winter days and the ability to charge more demanding AGM
batteries. Thanks to the power supply mode, the battery can
be disconnected without losing important configurations. Float
charge function. Suitable for battery capacities from 14 - 150Ah.
For 12V lead acid (wet, maintenance-free, Ca/Ca), AGM and gel
batteries. Protection class: IP65.
A high-frequency charger
A high-frequency charger
ES 004 417-081
The 70A high-frequency charger is a fully automatic 8-stage
charger, perfect to attach to the vehicle during repair and
servicing to compensate for power output. This ensures that
the battery is always fully charged. The charging current can
be set to between 70A for 12V batteries (battery capacity of
40 - 1500
Ah) and 35A for 24V batteries (battery capacity of 20 -
A high-frequency charger
A high-frequency charger
ES 004 417-251