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The highly developed daytime running light range from HELLA provides the ideal
solution for every type of vehicle. HELLA supplies a comprehensive range of models
for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and caravans. Sometimes discreet and
refined, sometimes strikingly different. But always with proven HELLA quality.
Daytime running lights offer compelling advantages. They significantly improve
visibility during the day and avoid the consumption disadvantages of driving with
standard low beam thanks to their significantly lower power requirement.
Guarantee optimum safety around the clock.
Even legislators have recognised the advantages of daytime running lights: accidents
are avoided and road traffic safety is rising significantly. Many countries therefore
require lights to be used even during the day and in other countries it is strongly
recommended. HELLA daytime running lights are the perfect solution for anyone who
does not want to compromise. For drivers with high demands in terms of safety and a
keen sense of personal style.
Light is visibility,
even during the day.