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KL 7000 LED
The KL 7000 LED is the result of ongoing development of
the widely used KL 700 and KL 7000 series. The beacon is
characterised by its slim and compact design, long service life
and a very high degree of efficiency when converting electric
power into light. It allows you to change from Halogen to LED
with ease. Multi-volt 10 - 32V; Weight: 650g (fixed) /
g (pipe socket) / 1072g (magnet)
KL 7000 LED F, fixed, amber
KL 7000 LED R, pipe socket, amber
KL 7000 LED M, magnet, amber
RL 011 484-001
RL 011 484-011
RL 011 484-021
Rota LED
The Rota LED with rotating LED light function delivers high
efficiency, a flat and compact design and a rotating LED light
function. Thanks to the shock-absorbing rubber feet, it is
very resistant to high vibrations and is therefore suitable for
demanding applications. Multi-volt 10 - 32V; Weight: 850g
fixed) / 970g (flex) / 930g (magnet)
Rota LED F, fixed, amber
Rota LED FL, flex, amber
Rota LED M, magnet, amber
RL 010 979-001
RL 010 979-011
RL 010 979-021