Konfigurator żarówek - SO

Uszkodzona żarówka? Konfigurator żarówek pozwala bardzo szybko i łatwo znaleźć odpowiednią żarówkę. Aby sprawdzić, jakie żarówki są kompatybilne z posiadanym pojazdem, wybierz markę pojazdu, klasę pojazdu i jego rok produkcji.

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Standard bulbs for passenger cars provide original equipment manufacturer quality and are a very good value for money. They feature excellent luminous efficacy, reliability and durability.

  • Comprehensive range of products for all standard requirements
  • Strong luminous efficacy
  • Long service life
  • Very good value for money
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For more than a hundred years, HELLA has been a technological leader for drivers who want to be sure they can see and be seen. Modern xenon technology is a proven milestone for both driving safety and comfort. With a color temperature of 4,300 K, twice the brightness of halogen lamps and with around three times their luminous efficacy, the white light of these new generation xenon lamps ensures safety and relaxed driving.

The newly developed HELLA Xenon +30 lamps have a color temperature of up to 5000 K, which is almost as much as modern vehicles' extremely white LED daytime running lights, offering maximum illumination and visibility similar to daylight.

Advantages of HID lamps

  • Bright and broad light distribution
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • High color temperature for whiter light
  • Homogenous light distribution (no shadows)
  • Vibration-resistant

* Compared with standard bulbs

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Thanks to our innovative technology, HELLA’s Performance lamps light up the roadway more than conventional bulbs. The Performance +30 is the economical entry-level bulb in our Performance category, offering up to 30% more light plus a longer service life.

The Performance +50 produces 50% more light* with a light beam around 20% longer, providing performance-oriented drivers with additional safety.

At the top of HELLA’s halogen Performance range are +90 and +120 lamps, which feature an optimized filament, a special coating process and a 100% noble gas filling that work together to create the best possible performance for halogen bulbs.

With up to 120% more light* and a light beam* up to 50 m longer, +120 lamps are setting new benchmarks for halogen lighting and are making driving both safer and more enjoyable.

The silver cap offers an elegant look in clear-glass headlamps.

* Compared to standard halogen lamps

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Our Design lamps meet special demands relating to design and safety. The cool xenon effect makes the Blue Light the right alternative for design-oriented drivers. A special coating process enables HELLA's Blue Light lamps to achieve a color temperature of around 4,000 K, similar to a xenon lamp, with up to 20% more brightness*. The whitish-blue light ensures better illumination of the roadway, more driving comfort and safety.

For signal lighting, HELLA also offers a real highlight: HELLA’s Magic Start indicator lamps were specially developed for clearglass headlamps. Thanks to their 'effect paint' coating, they fit perfectly with the silver-colored reflector and show a yellow light only when flashing. They also have twice the service life of conventional indicator lamps.

* Set includes 2 lamps with increased service life

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HELLA Long Life halogen lamps (12 V) have a longer service life and are more environmentally friendly*, because they do not have to be replaced as often.

HELLA Super Long Life halogen lamps (12 V), with an operating time* up to 3x longer, provide optimum value for money and the best selection for frequent travelers.

Lifetime stands for:

  • Environmental friendliness through long usability
  • Strong luminous efficacy
  • Longer service life
  • Optimum price-performance ratio
  • Less frequent bulb replacement
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HELLA supplies the extremely powerful High Wattage bulbs for extraordinary demands on light performance. These versatile power packs are suitable for use in motor racing, the construction and transport industries, agriculture and forestry, and for off-road applications.
High Wattage bulbs do not have ECE approval and must not be used on public roads. This means they may not be fitted in normal or auxiliary headlights on vehicles that are used in road traffic.

  • Maximum light performance for professional requirements
  • Various possible applications


  • H3 12 V 100 W
  • Light intensity 150%