Bulb configuration tool - Passenger car

Bulb not working? Our filament bulb configuration tool helps you to quickly and easily find the right bulb. To find out which bulbs are compatible with your vehicle, select the vehicle make, vehicle class and year of construction.

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HELLA Standard bulbs for passenger cars provide original equipment (OE) quality and offer excellent value for money. They are best suited for value minded drivers that wish to retain the car as it was originally supplied from the factory.

HELLA has a comprehensive range of bulbs to meet standard requirements

  • Strong luminous efficacy
  • Long service life
  • Excellent value for money
  • Original Equipment Quality
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For more than a hundred years, HELLA has been a technological leader for drivers who want to be sure they can see and be seen. Modern xenon technology is a proven milestone for both driving safety and comfort. With a colour temperature of 4,300 K, twice the brightness of halogen lamps and with around three times their luminous efficacy, the white light of these new generation xenon lamps ensures safety and relaxed driving.

The newly developed HELLA Ultra Plus +70% lamps have a colour temperature of up to 5000 K, which is almost as much as modern vehicles' extremely white LED daytime running lights, offering maximum illumination and visibility similar to daylight.

Advantages of HID lamps

  • Bright and broad light distribution
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • High colour temperature for whiter light
  • Homogenous light distribution (less shadows)
  • Vibration-resistant

* Compared with standard bulbs

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Xenon (X) - Up to 30% brighter
The Hella Xenon bulb outshines a standard headlamp bulb by achieving up to 30% greater illumination on the road in the 50-75m range allowing better orientation and earlier reaction to hazards. An economical upgrade for greater visibility.

Xenon Ultra (XU) - Up to 60% brighter
HELLA Xenon Ultra bulbs take lighting even further by providing up to 60% more illumination on the road than a standard headlamp bulb while emitting a 10-20m longer beam. Xenon Ultra also offers a whiter beam than standard.

Ultra Plus HID (UP) - Up to 70% brighter
HELLA Ultra Plus HID bulbs are the ideal bulbs for drivers looking to increase safety with more light on the road. This HID bulb produces up to 70% more light on the road, has a beam that is up to 20 metres longer than a standard HID bulb.

Ultra Plus (UP) - Up to 110% brighter
HELLA Ultra Plus bulbs are the ideal bulbs for drivers looking to increase safety with more light on the road. This halogen bulb produces up to 110% more light on the road, has a beam that is up to 35 metres longer and provides light that is up to 10% whiter than a standard bulb.

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HELLA bulbs that change not only what you see, but also how your car is seen. With higher colour temperatures that are similar to HID bulbs, HELLA Design bulbs are closer to daylight with a crisp white light for the design-conscious drivers.

The “whiter” light is closer to LED front position lights, now becoming very common in new cars, and therefore better matches other light functions.

HELLA Design bulbs with the suffix CB (Cool Blue) or BV (Blue Vision) are compliant to ECE standards, so are legal for use. Other brands may offer higher colour temperature bulbs however they are typically illegal, as they have no compliance.

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HELLA Long-Life (LL) bulbs are increasing in popularity for applications such as taxis and drivers using headlamps during the day. Many new vehicles now come equipped with Long-Life bulbs as standard fitment. The bulbs will provide safe and legal light performance and can be rated at twice or greater the service life of standard bulbs.

Lifetime stands for:

  • Strong luminous efficacy
  • Extra-long service life
  • Optimum price-performance ratio
  • Less frequent bulb replacement
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HELLA supplies the extremely powerful High Wattage bulbs for extraordinary demands on light performance. These versatile power packs are suitable for use in motor racing, the construction and transport industries, agriculture and forestry, and for off-road applications.
High Wattage bulbs do not have ECE approval and must not be used on public roads. This means they may not be fitted in normal or auxiliary headlights on vehicles that are used in road traffic.

  • Maximum light performance for professional requirements
  • Various possible applications


  • H3 12 V 100 W
  • Light intensity 150%