Steering Torque and Angle Sensors
Steering torque and angle sensors
Steering Torque and Angle Sensor

Steering torque and angle sensor

HELLAs steering torque and angle sensor is integrated into the electric power steering and provides the customer with two feedbacks simultaneously:

  • Steering torque: The sensor records the torsion bar angle required for the steering movement
  • Steering angle: The sensor measures the angle and speed of change in the position of the steering wheel

Both sensor functions are integrated within one sensor, benefitting from HELLAs in-house technology CIPOS® (contactless inductive position sensor).


  • Modular sensor design for all electric power steering (EPS)
  • System integration competences through HELLAs EPS
  • Diversification of technologies (inductive and HALL)
  • Absolute angle information for output and input shaft
  • Ratio metric measuring principle to improve accuracy over total measurement range
  • Free programmable torque range with up to +/- 8°
  • Intelligent software concept to increase safety
  • No need for additional steering angle sensor in the steering column

 Dimensions:  Typ. Ø 60 mm, R40 mm (with connector)
 Location:  Integrated into the Electric Power Steering
 Operating temperature:  -40 °C to -130 °C
 Measuring range:  Max. ±8°



 Voltage supply:  5 V;
 Current consumption:  < 36 mA per channel for SENT signal
 Output signal:  SENT or PWM
 Accuracy:  < 0.1° (steering torque) and <0.7° (steering angle) over service lifetime and temperature
 Resolution:  < 0.01°
 EMC:  Meets all standard automotive requirements



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