Active Accelerator Pedal Sensor
Active Accelerator Pedal Sensor

Active Accelerator Pedal Sensor (AAPS)

  • Long-term experience with accelerator pedal sensor technology
  • Use of robust HELLA CIPOS® technology
  • Variable customer feedback specifications possible

The growing market for driver assistance systems as well as the demand for less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions creates an environment where the interface between the driver and accelerator pedal becomes increasingly important. One technology required to meet this increasing demand is the active accelerator pedal sensor.


  • Active Accelerator Pedal Sensor


HELLA, as the technological and market leader for pedal sensors, develops active accelerator pedal sensors (AAPS), apart from traditional accelerator pedal sensors (APS).  AAPS communicates intuitively with the driver by providing feedback in given driving situations. Driving situations where HELLA’s AAPS are employed are:

  • Electrical driving in hybrid cars: detect the start of the combustion engine
  • Automatic gearbox: avoidance of down-shifting
  • Manual gearbox: shifting detection to recognize shifting point by knocking signal
    • Need based driving
    • Reduced fuel consumption and C02 emissions

The feedback given by the AAPS is chosen by the individual customer and ranges from vibration and knocking to force-step. Depending on the customer’s needs the AAPS reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through driving guidance meaning that the driver is supported by the AAPS with the shifting detection.

The position measurement technology is an essential part of the AAPS requiring a high degree of accuracy. Therefore HELLA uses its in-house sensor position technology, contactless inductive position sensor (CIPOS®), which is highly accurate, robust and small packaged.  The sensor is designed, independent of the sensor technology, in a manner that the pedal, the generation of the pedal force, as well as the signal are integrated within one modular design. Thereby the design and the haptic of the pedal can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements.




  • Optimized fuel consumption through driving guidance
  • Provides speed information to other vehicle systems
  • Customized design and modular concept
  • Small packaging size
  • Design based on proven technologies
  • Market leader in accelerator pedal sensors
  • Worldwide support and production locations

Technical Data / Application / Functions and Features


  • Active accelerator pedal sensor for suspended pedals


  • Intuitive communication with the driver
  • HELLA sensor technology CIPOS® (contactless inductive position sensor)
  • Customized design and modular concept
  • Redundant signal proportional to pedal position
  • Force dependent hysteresis with redundant return force
  • Analog and/or digital output signal
  • Adaptable haptics
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Active Accelerator Pedal Sensor

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