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Automechanika: All-round solution for TPMS

The new TPM-Tool from Hella Gutmann expands the range of options already available in the mega macs with features for handling all aspects of Deflation Detection Systems

Ihringen, September 2014. For over 10 years, the mega macs software has coded Tire Pressure Montitoring Systems (TPMS) that directly measure OE sensors with the help of pressure sensors in the tyres – including an optional valve exciter that remains necessary for the purpose of exciting the valves supplied by Schrader. In the context of EU Regulation 661/2009, which includes a binding stipulation for the use of Deflation Detection Systems in newly approved vehicles as of 1 November 2014, safety systems are growing in significance. Although systems that work indirectly on an ABS basis also fulfill this Directive, manufacturers in the medium and top-class segment in particular are increasingly backing systems featuring direct measurements. This trend is also reflected in the free trade of spare parts: the range of genuine identical parts and universal tyre pressure sensors is quickly increasing and may have already grown to a total of over 200.

Hella Gutmann is therefore expanding the TPMS functions already present in the mega macs with immediate effect by adding a separate multi-brand tool. The specialist knowledge of Bartec and Hella Gutmann Solutions flows together into the TPM-Tool (Tire Pressure Management Tool), which consists of a handheld tool, a diagnostic plug and updatable software. The hardware and software are perfectly integrated into the world of mega macs. Although the TPM-Tool can be used by itself, its true strength becomes apparent in the combination of the mega macs, TPM-Tool and HGS Data: this provides repair shops with a superior solution for inspecting, allocating and programming Deflatio’n Detection Systems and sensors of all kinds.

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