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Automechanika: Universal leak detector: SLD-Tool


Ihringen, September 2014. The new SLD-Tool from Hella Gutmann Solutions makes it possible to transfer a very simple and standard aspect of air conditioning service to many other vehicle systems: namely, the leak check performed using a leak detection agent and an ultraviolet lamp. The SLD-Tool (Smoke Leak Detection Tool) saves a great deal of time when searching for leaks in systems that are not filled with fluids – every repair shop should have one!


The SLD-Tool enables the detection of hairline cracks and fractures in air-carrying components, such as in the intake tract, the charging system or the exhaust system. Even hidden leaks on the body can be made visible using the smoke gas.


The smart tool requires only compressed air and 12 V. The test medium, a special blend of oil and contrast agent, has to be heated in the tool and form a mist before it can be introduced to the vehicle system in question with a small amount of excess pressure (0.03 bar). Leaks are very easy to detect by means of the escaping smoke or they are made visible in the light of a laser or an ultraviolet lamp. The measured value of the flow meter integrated into the SLD-Tool provides an additional indicator with regard to the size of the leak. A fluorescent deposit marks the precise discharge point – and nothing else.


The SLD-Tool works with patented 'STAR EnviroTech' technology and the test medium 'Ultra Trace UV ®' from the USA, both of which have been approved by all automotive manufacturers worldwide. As the interior of the tested systems is not contaminated by deposits, it is safe to use the leak detector even in sensitive areas and in the area of electrical interfaces. We recommend the use of inert gas when testing potentially explosive areas such as the fuel system.

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