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Automechanika: Battery Power Check – the Hella Gutmann way


Ihringen, September 2014. New vehicle generations make high demands in terms of the energy supply due to the growing number of power consumers and increasingly frequent use of an accompanying start/stop system. In light of the range of different battery types and state-of-the-art battery management systems, it is recommended that repair shops make use of a special tool.


Despite there being a number of battery testers on the market, the combination with the system diagnostics makes the BPC-Tool (Battery Power Check-Tool) from Hella Gutmann an unrivalled solution. This small tool features the combined expertise of the diagnostics specialists and Midtronics, and can be used independently or together with a mega macs model. It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with acid batteries, gel-type batteries, EFBs, AGM batteries or AGM spiral batteries – suitable algorithms for all battery types on the market are stored in the BPC-Tool and used automatically. Even deeply discharged batteries can be checked. It is also possible to perform measurements on the starter and alternator and while searching for silent power consumers.


The ability to connect to the mega macs 66, the mega macs 56 or the mega macs PC wirelessly via Bluetooth allows you to transmit the measurement data to the usual system diagnostics environment. The user is safely guided through processes such as reading/deleting trouble codes, removal and installation, viewing the charge parameters, initialising a new battery in the ECU and performing diagnostics for the energy management system, the alternator and the starter. Finally, all numerical and graphic evaluations can be stored in the Car History and printed.


The BPC-Tool is extremely simple to operate and can also be operated directly in the vehicle without disconnecting the battery. The following information appears on the illuminated display:


  • Battery voltage (V)
  • Battery capacity (Ah)
  • Current (0.01 A to 700 A)
  • Cold cranking amps (A)
  • Charging status (%)
  • Battery condition (%)


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