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Automechanika: HELLA to present innovative LED work lamps

LED worklights feature impressive light power, low power consumption and long service life

Lippstadt, September 2014. Lighting expert HELLA will be presenting its comprehensive range of innovative work lamps, based on LED technology, at this year's Automechanika in Frankfurt am Main. This range includes the first LED work lamp of the new HELLA Thermo Pro-Series, the Q90 LED, as well as the Ultra Beam LED, the classic work lamp now also available with LED technology. Visitors will also be able to see the innovative Power Beam 1800, new variants of the Module 70 work lamp series, as well as the HypaLUME, HELLA's most intense work lamp.


With the new Thermo Pro plastic series, available from fall, the lighting expert HELLA is once again setting standards. The high-performance LED work lamps feature newly developed, thermally conductive housings made from synthetic material. HELLA will be showcasing the Q90 LED at Automechanika, the first head lamp in the series. Compared with the work lamps with synthetic material housings available on the market, the new high-performance work lamps with plastic cooling elements allow HELLA to achieve light intensities that are comparable with or that even exceed xenon technology, even in the smallest designs. In addition, the innovative material features heat-conductive properties similar to aluminum. As a result, the light diodes can still be operated with full energy supply, even at high temperatures, as the plastic optimally dissipates the heat from the LEDs and therefore allows for a very long service life. Unlike aluminum, the plastic is completely corrosion resistant. Specially developed glass fiber-reinforced plastic brackets also ensure even greater security in every-day use. The Q90 LED, with its four high-performance LEDs, achieves a light intensity of 1,200 lumens, while consuming just 25 watts of energy. In the coming year, further models in the Thermo Pro series will follow. In addition, the head lamp has been included in the "Green Directory", a guide for visitors to Automechanika 2014, thanks to its innovative and eco-friendly properties.


The Ultra Beam, HELLA's worldwide best-selling worklight series, has been expanded with an LED version that will also be shown at the trade fair stand. The Ultra Beam LED impresses in particular with its strong light intensity of 2,200 lumens and features a practical design that enables it to be used universally. With a specially developed multi-facetted reflector, the light from the light diodes is perfectly distributed and enables a homogenous illumination. Thanks to different lenses, the work lamp can be used for close as well as long-range illumination. Its strong light intensity means the Ultra Beam LED is an excellent replacement for xenon work lamps.


With the Power Beam 1800, HELLA will also present the successor to the successful Power Beam 1500, with a 40% higher light intensity, that can also be continuously dimmed to meet requirements. This helps to avoid blinding oncoming vehicles. Another work lamp series that will be presented is the Module 70. The focus here in particular will be on the fourth generation of the Module 70 work lamp, as this headlamp generates over twice as much light as its predecessor, while maintaining the same size. This is the first time that 1,800 measured lumens have been achieved in such a small size. Furthermore, a special version with a blue lens will also be presented for agricultural vehicles such as crop sprayers, along with the new Module 70 LED reversing spotlight. The HypaLUME, HELLA's most powerful work lamp, is suitable for work that requires particularly high levels of light and excellent illumination. With a light intensity of over 20,000 lumens, this head lamp delivers extremely high levels of light in all work situations. Measuring 500 x 380 x 170 millimeters, the HypaLUME is ideal for use in mining or heavy construction machinery and cranes.

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