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Automechanika: Hella Pagid presents first ECE-approved brake discs

ECE regulations make it much more difficult to produce counterfeits, thus saving human lives

Essen, September 2014. At the Automechanika trade fare held in Frankfurt am Main from 16 – 20 September, brake specialist Hella Pagid will be one of the first suppliers in the market to present ECE-approved brake discs. Although the relevant European directive, which contains prescribed tests and technical requirements, will only be partly binding from 2016, Hella Pagid has set itself the target of ensuring that 80% of its high-volume items for cars and vans are already ECE-certified by the end of this year. "The introduction of legal standards for safety-related vehicle components such as brake components is an important step in the vehicle parts industry, and one that we welcome wholeheartedly," declared Marco Loth, Head of Product Management and Marketing at Hella Pagid. "The fact that lower-quality products can put human lives at risk makes it especially important that there are checks and regulations in place – such as the ECE directives – in order to make counterfeit production that much harder." The act of making ECE R90 approval compulsory ensures that all spare parts meet the same performance parameters as the OEM products they replace, and that this information is visible on the items themselves.


ECE approvals are awarded by institutes such as the TÜV after the products have passed various tests. These include thermal shock resistance tests, performance tests and high-load tests. Similar to brake linings, which already come with ECE approval as standard, the international approval number must be visible on each product, together with other items of information. The number consists of a circle that contains the letter E and the ID of the country that awarded the approval, together with the number of this regulation followed by the letter R, a hyphen and the approval number to the right of the circle.


As a one-stop shop with OEM competency, the brake specialist Hella Pagid offers a product range of over 10,000 items for the consumable goods, brake hydraulics, clutch hydraulics, fluids and accessories sectors. As part of one of Europe's largest aftermarket organizations, Hella Pagid combines outstanding logistics, first-class technical service and professional sales support.

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