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Automechanika: Camera-based headlight setting: SEG V


Ihringen, September 2014. The rapid progress being made in the field of light technology in vehicles brings with it not only advantages in terms of safety when driving, but also new requirements with regard to headlight setting. Due to the increasing number of light distributions and the difficulties involved in interpretation of the light-dark border, the trend is moving towards digital tools.

The SEG V camera-based headlight setting device is founded on the experience of the light expert Hella and the data and diagnostic knowledge of Hella Gutmann Solutions. The SEG V combines the robust nature of its analogue sister tool with new technology: a high-speed CMOS camera records the light distributions of the headlight and transmits these to the tool screen almost in real time. Stored algorithms for different headlights and their light distributions are used to generate intelligible graphs featuring clear scales. This reliably eliminates misinterpretations relating to the light-dark border, which is often difficult to detect in modern headlights due to the irritating blue fringing.

The 8.4" touch screen is tilted towards the vehicle and simultaneously enables operation via intuitive menu navigation similar to that of the mega macs. A fast processor works in the background and accesses the heart of the system: an updatable database containing specific information on aspects such as the latest intelligent headlight systems from premium manufacturers. The operator is securely guided through the individual set-up procedure – a feature that proves particularly helpful for vehicles with high beam assist. An additional quick test function is another practical feature for use in certain situations, such as during the light test weeks.

All measurement results and test protocols can be archived as part of a process that fulfils the documentation obligation that is applicable in certain countries. Users also have the option of transmitting these to a PC or a printer via a USB interface using a cable or a memory stick.
Automechanika: pavilion 8, stand M60

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