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Automechanika: The new medium range solution: the mega macs 56


Ihringen, September 2014. An innovative mega macs model is breathing new life into the Hella Gutmann tool range. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the mega macs 56 appeals to users who value the features and the comfort of a premium diagnostic tool but would rather do without technical highlights such as a classic oscilloscope – and are looking for moderate costs to match. Practitioners in repair shops, car dealerships, test facilities and in mobile deployment will find the mega macs 56 to be a cutting-edge tool that can be used to limit the time spent performing troubleshooting on vehicle systems to the necessary minimum. Special license packages enable these users to develop their own personally optimized range of services all the way through to the real-time repair concept.

The latest mega macs model is unmistakably a close relation of the mega macs 66 premium tool. However, it is a completely new tool in its own right: exclusively battery operated, featuring a Linux-based operating system, a super-sensitive touch screen and featuring two front inserts that provide the option of modular expansion, for example with measuring technology. Wireless interfaces to the vehicles, the HGS knowledge database and platforms such as asanetwork make it possible to integrate technical data and information onto the screen of the mega macs 56 directly.

The mega macs 56 features dimensions of 310x265x100 mm (LxWxH) and a high-resolution capacitive 10.4" display. Its power supply comes from a powerful all-in-one battery with an integrated charge controller that is charged in the optional docking station. Offering up to 5 hours of standalone operation and featuring a moderate weight of 2,200 g, the mega macs 56 is predestined for all-round mobile deployment.

When performing work on a vehicle, the new 'medium range' mega macs accesses the mega macs software for over 40 manufacturers. Standard functions such as reading/deleting trouble codes, depicting up to 12 parameters simultaneously, actuator tests, codings, basic settings and service resets can be enhanced by acquiring a repair license, which enables users to access extensive data from Hella Gutmann and a great deal of support via interactive IT and the 60 specialists present at the technical call centre.

In addition, the wireless asanetwork interface is already present in the tool and can be activated for free on behalf of Hella Gutmann customers. The mega macs 56 can optionally be purchased outright or as an HGS Plus leasing package without an initial investment. Two software updates per year keep the mega macs 56 up to date. Once it has been installed on the tool, the software can be used for an unlimited period.
Automechanika: pavilion 8, stand M60/M61

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