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Automechanika: HELLA extends its portfolio of vehicle-specific electrical and electronic spare parts

New in the product range: themostats, differential pressure sensors, vacuum pumps and accelerator pedals

Lippstadt, September 2014. Originally just offering solutions for lighting electronics, today HELLA competently provides a comprehensive range of innovational solutions for all manner of electrics and electronics. The products on offer clearly reflect the way in which HELLA is targeting the following areas: the ramping up of energy efficiency, the minimizing of CO2 emissions and the enhancing of safety and comfort. In its Aftermarket segment, this electronics specialist is offering a truly comprehensive portfolio boasting broad market coverage. Against the backcloth of ever-growing demand for vehicle-specific electrical and electronic spare parts, the electronics expert, HELLA, is continuing to expand its portfolio in this field. The portfolio now covers 23 product groups comprising a total of 3,000 different articles. Since mid-2014, the new product groups of thermostats, differential pressure sensors, vacuum pumps and accelerator pedals have been added to the growing range.


One new product in the HELLA Aftermarket range for vehicle-specific electrical and electronic components since the middle of 2014 is the coolant thermostat. Thanks to the 620 articles that can be used in about 27,000 vehicle applications, the HELLA product program provides exceptionally broad market coverage, which perfectly complements the thermal management portfolio of the air-conditioning and engine cooling specialist, Behr Hella Service. In addition to reasonably-priced, tried-and-tested insert thermostats, there are also housing thermostats available, which can be directly flanged onto an engine block or onto the coolant hoses. All thermostats come with gaskets. At the same time, such seals or gaskets are on sale as spare parts in their own right. At the end of 2014 the portfolio will be extended further by the addition of map-controlled thermostats, which enable the cooling circuit to be also controlled by the engine's electronic system. This serves to increase engine performance and leads to a longer service life. Also making its entry into the HELLA range is the differential pressure sensor, which measures the pressure difference in the exhaust gas system before and after the soot particle filter. There are currently 13 different kinds of exhaust gas pressure sensors available. This means that HELLA is able to provide applications for more than 1,300 vehicle types and has resources for 120 kinds of Original Equipment. In the field of electronic vacuum pumps for the pneumatic brake boosting system, there are currently three generations available, all developed and manufactured by HELLA. These can be used in conjunction with all drive concepts, including electric engines and hybrid drives. The HELLA Aftermarket range of accelerator pedal sensors at the moment amounts to 37 variations, giving rise to a total of 2,400 vehicle applications. As the market and technology leader when it comes to accelerator pedal sensors as Original Equipment, HELLA has a wealth of comprehensive know-how at its fingertips, expertise which has now been rolled out onto the Aftermarket segment.

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