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New HELLA wiper blades make for optimal visibility and safety on the road

New portfolio comprising both conventional and jointless wiper blades // Configuration tool simplifies the finding of the right wiper blades


Lippstadt, October 08, 2013 The automotive supplier, HELLA, will launch its new portfolio of wiper blades at the beginning of October. Unlike usual models, the new ones to be launched by HELLA are made up out of individual blades which lend themselves to universal use. The new products include both conventional and the non-articulated or jointless wiper blades.

In contrast to the usual type of windshield wipers, the new conventional-style HELLA wiper blades, which have been developed for passenger cars and trucks, stand out in the crowd by virtue of their countless advantageous features. One huge bonus is the fact that a special coating of graphite makes them quieter when in operation. And, of course, the all-important feature is their ability to improve the driver's visibility as the buildup of any streaking or smearing is reduced. The new jointless wiper blades soon to be launched by HELLA, which are available for passenger cars, are undoubtedly set to impress with their aerodynamic design and their long service life. These blades also protect the wipers from icing up in winter as there are no metal parts on the outside of the new products. And the good news is that they can be used on 94% of all vehicles on the market. Every packet of blades includes the right adapter suitable for the wiper arm in question so fitting the blades is easy.

By using HELLA's wiper blade configuration tool ( to input the relevant type of vehicle, it is very easy to find the appropriate wiper blades - the conventional style, jointless ones or those for the rear window. Furthermore, a video is available on the website, which demonstrates in detail how to fit jointless wiper blades.


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