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HELLA presents innovational lighting solutions at the FinnMETKO, the Finnish Forestry and Heavy Machinery Trade Fair

LED worklights in focus // Light Testing Facility at the exhibition stand enables comparison of headlamps

Lippstadt, Germany, July 31, 2014. From August 28 - 30, 2014, the lighting expert, HELLA, will be exhibiting state-of-the-art LED lighting systems designed specifically for forestry and construction site equipment at the FinnMETKO. This is Finland's biggest specialist and sales trade fair, which is to be held in Jämsä and where HELLA will be found at Stand 446 / 448. The exhibition is located in a rural setting encompassing areas of forestry and covering around 200 hectares; a location that makes it possible to present and try out the machinery and all equipment under true-to-life conditions. Visitors to the HELLA exhibition stand can expect to see product highlights such as the latest LED worklights, auxiliary headlamps and also LED beacons. A selection of these products will be demonstrated in a special Light Testing Facility set up at the HELLA exhibition stand.


One of the HELLA exhibition highlights is most certainly the LED worklight going under the name of Power Beam 1800. This succeeds in bringing together top performance and a low energy consumption of just 36 watts. And when compared with its predecessor, the successful Power Beam 1500, this latest model boasts a 40 percent increase in light output, which means that the six high performance LEDs achieve a total of 1,850 lumens. At the same time the specially developed multifaceted reflector ensures the creation of homogeneous illumination. By using a variety of lenses, this worklight can be used for close-range as well as for long-range illumination. The color temperature of 6,500 kelvins means that its light resembles natural daylight very closely, thus facilitating easy perception of the surroundings by the human eye. This advantage, in turn, prevents signs of fatigue during work and it also helps to guard against lapses in concentration. If required, the Power Beam 1800 can also be dimmed so that oncoming traffic is not blinded in any way.


Another highlight, and at the same time a world premiere, is the robust and high-performance Q 90 worklight. This gem is part of the so-called "Thermo Pro Series". Fitted with a plastic heat sink, this headlamp enables light output to be brought about which is comparable with Xenon technology and this is true for even the smallest constructional shapes and designs. The innovative, heat-conductive, plastic housing with its cooling fins allows all necessary heat dissipation away from the high-powered LEDs and thus guarantees the extremely long service life of the Q90. As well as its weight-saving properties, the new material offers the further advantage of being totally corrosion-resistant. And in future, because of these advantages, the Thermo Pro series will be extended by more such headlamps.


HELLA is also breaking new ground with the LED worklight known as Modul 70. Thanks to its low energy consumption, it lends itself particularly well to use in battery-operated vehicles or in those with an overloaded generator. In addition, this headlamp is resistant to shock and vibration and also to voltage fluctuations. Once mounted, it does not require any further maintenance. It is also available with a magnetic base and a 3.5 m spiral cable for the cigarette lighter socket. The magnetic base enables the headlamp to be mounted on all metallic surfaces, allowing its user to have a quick and easy source of light as and when required.

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