Technology & Products / 30.09.2013

Extending of the Eco RoadLine street lighting series

Eco RoadLine RL, small and RL, medium complete the product family // Exceptionally easy and efficient installing of high light points


Lippstadt, September 30, 2013. The lighting expert, HELLA, is extending its range of LED street lighting and is launching two new high performance lights on the market - the Eco RoadLine RL, small and the Eco RoadLine RL, medium. The high-end light, Eco RoadLine RL, large, has already been on the market since April 2012. These new products now complete the product family and will be available from October 2013 onwards.

The lights, RL, small and RL, medium, lend themselves perfectly to the installing of high light points and, thus, they are the optimal answer for the homogeneous illuminating of main roads and large parking lots. As is the case with the existing RL, large, an optical system is integrated in the cover lens, which enhances optical efficiency. Any light source replacement or electronics replacement work can be easily carried out directly on the mounted lights while they remain in the operating state. Lamp replacement is done without the need for any equipment - with tool-free simplicity. Thanks to the thermal decoupling of the electronic ballast and the lamp unit, the solutions of RL, small and RL, medium, which are structurally identical on the outside, boast optimal temperature management. The lamp RL, small, produces a typical luminous flux of 6,800 lumens at 75 watt as opposed to the RL, medium, which produces 10,000 lumens at 110 watt. Two supply lines enable the 2-level operation of both lamps. The fact that they have two kinds of light distribution, they can be adjusted within a range of +-15° and that they are available as a side or top-mounted post luminaire are all features which make the lights of the Eco RoadLine product family a flexible and all-round solution for street and outdoor lighting.

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