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LED Solutions at Center Stage at Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

LED daytime running lights program expanded // Standard lights redeveloped in LED technology


Lippstadt, August 28, 2013. At this year's Caravan Salon, the leading trade fair for motorhomes and caravans in Düsseldorf from August 30 to September 8, 2013, HELLA presents various innovations focusing on vehicle illumination. At the trade fair stand of the lighting experts in hall 13 (13A03), the expanded LED daytime running lights program as well as newly developed standard lights in LED technology are at center stage.

The lighting expert HELLA expanded the LED daytime running lights program by three new variants: The daytime running lights set LEDayFlex with rectangular modules represents an alternative to the round optics of LEDayFlex of the first generation. Available with five or six modules per module chain, the solution offers additional design options at the front of the motorhome in the framework of varied, type-tested installation systems. With two high-power LEDs each per optics module, the system also achieves 30 times the current design life of the light source compared to an equipment with light bulb technology. In addition, the surface mount LED daytime running lights set is being introduced by HELLA as the first design variant. Because of their very low design height, the lights can simply be installed on the body at the front of the vehicle in the framework of the type-tested installation location. This allows a flexible retrofit at any time. The daytime running light LEDayLine Zero represents an additional alternative for vehicles without or with 0° sweep at the desired installation location. The light is harmoniously integrated in the vehicle front thanks to its compact construction and pleasant design.

With respect to the advantages of LED technology, such as a very long design life of the light source, very fast responsiveness or low power consumption, HELLA advances the new development of standard lights in LED technology in a targeted way. As a result, a new LED add-on flasher with asymmetric design of category 6 is being presented for installation on motorhomes that are more than 6 m long. It is steam jet-resistant, has a waterproof connector and offers additional options of setting trends in the design of vehicles. In addition, new LED contour lights (series 205 020) and new LED contour and position lights (series 9226) are being introduced.


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