Technology & Products / 28.03.2013

New HELLA LED beacon with improved warning effectiveness for greater safety on the road

First beacon with flashing and rotating warning signal // Light sensor adapts beacon brightness automatically to ambient light


Lippstadt, 28 March 2013. High warning effectiveness, reliable functionality and low life-cycle costs: The demands on lighting systems for special and municipal vehicles are high. Bearing this in mind, lighting experts HELLA will launch the innovative identification light K-LED 2.0 at the beginning of April, which greatly improves safety both for the driver and other road-users thanks to its high warning effectiveness.

The new K-LED 2.0 is the first beacon from HELLA that allows the driver to choose between a rotating or flashing warning signal, either via a switch or through programming, depending on the situation. 20 high-power LED's and a special reflector enable excellent illumination, allowing the signal to be noticed instantly. In addition, 16 different warning signals can be chosen from: 14 flashing and two rotating frequencies that can be used depending on regulatory permit. The integrated light sensor determines the ambient light and uses this data to adapt the brightness of the beacon automatically (day and night mode). This ensures an optimum warning effectiveness by day, whilst reducing the brightness at night, so as not to blind road-users.

Thanks to the use of innovative LED technology, the beacon has a maximum power consumption of only 30 watts and is therefore best suited to use over long periods of time. It is also virtually maintenance free thanks to the long design life of the light diodes. An additional advantage stems from the compact design: The impact-resistant, extremely flat dome protects the internal workings of the product against outside shocks. The K-LED 2.0 is dust-proof and can be immersed in water for short periods. It therefore fulfils the requirements of the IP 67 protection class (International Protection). Due to the multiple 10-32-volt operating voltage, the beacon is suitable for 12-volt and 24-volt electrical systems and can therefore be used flexibly in various vehicles. As it is constructed with no moving parts, it can withstand shocks and vibrations well. The specially produced and coated base is also well-protected against corrosion and abrasive substances like salts and caustic solutions. The K-LED 2.0 is ECE R65-certified, is compliant with the standards on electrical interference ECE R-10 conducted disturbances class 5 (CISPR25), and is approved for dangerous goods transport in accordance with GGVSE/ADR (German regulations on the carriage of dangerous goods by road and rail). It is available with yellow, blue, red and green signal colors.

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