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5 series with HELLA Technology on Board

HELLA is providing a comprehensive package of lighting options and a number of electronic components for BMW sedan and station wagon models // Intelligent electronics for longer battery service life and smart energy management

Lippstadt, March 26, 2014. The facelift undergone by the BMW 5 series has proven to be a successful balance of elegance and performance. Technologically sophisticated adaptive LED headlamps and striking taillights from HELLA emphasize its dynamic proportions and the modern use of form. The ambient interior lighting also highlights the high design standards applied to the vehicle. Furthermore, HELLA is supplying various electronic components such as an intelligent battery sensor and voltage transformer.


The front of the BMW 5 series is stamped with characteristic BMW design with optional adaptive LED headlamps from the lighting experts HELLA. They have adaptive bend lighting with variable urban and motorway light distribution and an automatic glare-free main beam feature. This allows the driver to drive permanently with the high beam on, without blinding the drivers of oncoming vehicles or of those travelling ahead and is effected by a camera behind the windshield interacting with swiveling headlamp modules, a dynamic range regulator and a specially configured light distribution system. The result is less strain on the driver as it is possible to drive for much longer with the high beam switched on. This option also has a static turning light which is automatically activated with the movement of the steering wheel or with the indicator when the vehicle is at a standstill. It features a particularly large beam angle of over 90 degrees which makes pedestrians and cyclists easier to see during the turning maneuver, thus substantially reducing potential risks. The indicator is realized with a narrow light transmitter which at the same time forms part of the position light. Four LED light rings producing the daylight running and position lights create the unmistakable and charismatic appearance of the BMW 5 series. Another special feature is the realization of the side marker lamp of the headlight with thin blade technology. The light from an LED is coupled from the side into the light transmitter which then produces particularly even light. As well as the static bi-xenon headlamps supplied as standard, there is another variant of the headlamp with a glare-free xenon-based high beam which allows the light distribution to be continuously adapted to the road and traffic conditions.


HELLA complements the redesigned rear with rear lamps in the typical BMW L-shape. Filigree light transmitters, called thin blades, have replaced the more substantial lamps previously used and create a bright, sharp contour in the front. Additional decorative lines on the luminaires create an impressive optical effect of depth which again highlights the high-end nature of the whole vehicle. The use of opaque frames means that these edges are visible in daylight as well as at night. The headlamps and rear lights are manufactured in the lead plant for lighting technology in Lippstadt. A highly automated production concept is being used for the first time for the rear lamps.


HELLA has also developed restrained and stylish interior lighting for the BMW 5 series which is available as a special "Ambient Light" option. The driver can choose between a bright white or a muted orange light which accents indirectly the storage in the center console and the door storage and cladding, all in all underlining the luxuriousness of the vehicle.


HELLA is also supplying electronic components for fuel-economy vehicle functions such as intelligent battery sensors and DC/DC converters for intelligent energy management and start-stop operation. These electronic functions are also used to condition the battery to lengthen the service life of the starter battery. HELLA also provides the rain/light sensors supplied as standard in the new BMW 5 series which improve drivers' vision by automatically activating the windshield wipers and the front lights when it rains. The safety of the driver and the passengers is also ensured by the optional lane-change alarm which is based on tried-and-tested radar technology from HELLA. This system monitors the blind spot when a vehicle changes lanes and alerts the driver with a flashing symbol in the wing mirror and gentle vibration in steering wheel.

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