Technology & Products / 25.09.2014
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HELLA showcases floor-mounted accelerator pedal for commercial vehicles

HELLA accelerator pedal boasting CIPOS technology is particularly durable and robust thanks to a contactless measuring method

Lippstadt, September 2014. At this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair, HELLA; the lighting and electronics expert, will be presenting a floor-mounted accelerator pedal for use in commercial vehicles. This floor-mounted accelerator pedal from HELLA is a standard product not restricted to use with any one particular customer and, therefore, is also available in small quantities. Thanks to its contactless sensor technology, the accelerator pedal combines top-precision measuring with its robust and long-lasting design. The very heart of the product is the well-established and reliable CIPOS technology, which HELLA has been successfully implementing in passenger cars for years. This is based on the principle of inductive (and consequently contactless) position measurement, which measures the pedal angle incredibly precisely and then transmits this information as an electrical signal to the engine control. As opposed to many other methods of position measurement, the CIPOS technology is virtually wearfree and, furthermore, insensitive to electrical and magnetic sources of interference. As a result of the housing made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the sensor is optimally protected against humidity and moisture. Looking back on more than 15 years of experience and turning over more than 20 million aceelerator pedals per annum, HELLA is undoubtedly the world market leader in this field.
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