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HELLA extends its range of 90-millimeter LED modules

L4060 high beam and fog light modules with a variety of functions //  90-millimeter configurator for quicker and easier ordering online

Lippstadt, September 2014. The lighting expert, HELLA, has once again extended its range of energy-efficient 90-millimeter LED modular headlamps. Like all the products in the 90-millimeter series, the new L4060 modules are notable for their efficiency, robust construction and highly flexible installation. Thanks to a new lens shape (40 x 60 millimeters) and the choice between black and silver frames, the L4060 LED product family offers customers a wider range of options in terms of design and custom-tailoring than ever before. Both the high-beam and the fog-light modules are available with a single light function or a combination of this and other functions. The L4060 LED modules were awarded the "Co2ach&Bus – Sustainable Mobility" prize at the 2013 Busworld trade fair in Kortrijk in Belgium.


The L4060 high beam module is available in three different versions: purely as a high beam headlamp, in combination with a daytime running light and a position light or in conjunction with an indicator light. With the combination modules, the daytime running light, the position light and the indicator light are all circular and give out a particularly homogeneous light. Consequently they ensure that a differentiated design is created during night driving. All modules can be ordered either with a pre-fitted carrier frame or for performance-mounting for 1:1 replacement of older halogen modules with new LED technology. The L4060 fog lamp also provides an even light that is very close to daylight and this, too, is available in various combinations. HELLA offers it as a separate module, with daylight running and position lights or with a cornering light. The new modules feature a durable, passively cooled housing made from die-cast aluminum and have been equipped with a cover lens made of polycarbonate which both reduces the weight of the module and makes it very resistant to chipping by stones. All the new 90-millimeter modules have undergone type testing by the ECE and the Society of Automotive Engineers. They are suitable for operation in 12 and 24 volt vehicle electric systems and have their own integrated electronic control systems.
The new 90-millimeter configurator aids selection of the correct module ( So original equipment manufacturers, fleet operators and owners of sports cars, motor homes and agricultural vehicles can configure and design their front lighting themselves. By navigating through a series of menus, they will then ultimately obtain a full parts list which they can send directly to HELLA. Choices are facilitated by comparison images from Europe's largest light testing facility and light distribution patterns in halogen and LED-technology.


The 90-millimeter module series is small, but offers powerful luminous efficiency. It consists of five different model series which are designed to meet the special requirements of different target groups. The big advantage of these modules is that they benefit from a highly flexible design and a robust construction so that they can be used in vehicles of all kinds, from agricultural vehicles through sports cars, motor homes and buses right up to electric cars.

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