Technology & Products / 25.03.2013

HELLA introduces its new light line system

The modular industrial light IL2 Plus is highly versatile, energy efficient and durable


Lippstadt, 25 March 2013. With its new IL2 Plus LED light line system, HELLA offers a flexible solution as regards lighting for warehouses, high bay warehouses, department stores, supermarkets and other locations. The modular design enables variable adaptation to requirements in different areas of use. For example, narrow beam for logistics halls and high bay warehouses or wide beam for warehouses, storage areas and production halls. Three different lengths, various styles and a modular design ensure a high degree of adaptability and guarantee efficiently used light, light distribution suited to your requirements, and homogeneous illumination. With 36 watt system power, the LED module provides 3,300 lumen light output with a color temperature of 3,000 or 4,000 Kelvin. Thanks to the LED technology used, the IL2 Plus light line system also impresses with its environmental friendliness and profitability, which is above all reflected in low energy consumption. Another advantage in terms of sustainability is the fact that the light still provides 70 percent luminous flux over lifetime even after 50,000 operating hours. The light line system is fixed to support rails with a chain or a rope or directly below the ceiling. This enables easy installation by your own staff to be carried without any tools. That also means that no external skilled workers are required for replacement and maintenance.

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