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HELLA is setting new standards with the plastic "Thermo Pro" series

Innovative high-power LED worklights with newly developed thermally conductive plastic housings for greater efficiency, speed and safety

Lippstadt, October 22, 2014. Autumn has arrived and with darkness coming earlier on these shorter days, good illumination is essential for fast, effective and, above all safe working. This is, however, also the season when worklights are exposed at length to rain, wind, impact from stones, water and salt. Under these conditions, the powder-coated surface of many worklights made of aluminum becomes damaged and once this happens, water can penetrate under the coating and the housing begins to corrode. This might even cause the worklight to fail. With this in mind, the lighting experts at HELLA have launched the new "Thermo Pro" range of LED worklights with housings made of a thermally conductive plastic which is also fully corrosion-resistant. This is a considerable advantage particularly in agriculture or construction work but also for gritter trucks on the road. The first worklight in the new range, the Q90 LED is already available.

The innovative plastic offers the same conductivity as aluminum which means that the LEDs can work with a full power supply even if the ambient temperature is high. The back of the housing is ribbed to allow outward heat dissipation. However, if the temperature in the worklight should nevertheless rise, thermal sensors reduce the input current and the LEDs continue to work within the optimum range of temperatures so that worklights in the "Thermo Pro" series achieve a service life of 60,000 hours. The innovative plastic is also very robust. It has not only undergone pendulum impact, ball drop and vibration testing up to 40G but also immersion and high-pressure cleaning tests. The lights therefore meet protection class IP6 K9K/IP6 K8 standards and are completely water and dust-tight and can withstand immersion and high-pressure cleaning. Another advantage of the "Thermo Pro" series is its low weight and therefore better resistance to vibration. Heavy LED worklights often tend to work loose and tilt downwards when subjected to strong vibrations. Downtime results which costs the operator money as the worklight needs to be adjusted and screwed tight. Up to 60% lighter than comparable worklights made of aluminum, a worklight in the new plastic series weighs less heavily on the elements supporting it and its position need not be readjusted.

The first product in the "Thermo Pro series, the Q90 LED, has four high-power LEDs providing light output of 1200 lumens at a power consumption of just 25 watts. A specially developed multi-facetted reflector distributes the light so that a homogenous illumination of the work area is guaranteed. Thanks to different lenses, the Q90 LED can be used for close as well as long-range illumination. The Q90 LED worklight was awarded the Green Directory Award 2014 at Automechanica this year for these sustainable and resource-saving properties.

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