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HELLA Showcases Product Innovations At The UNITI expo

The lighting expert, HELLA, puts gas stations in the right light, inside and outside // Star of the show at the UNITI expo 2014 is the optimized Eco module with 2,500 lumens for even better illumination

Lippstadt, May 21, 2014. UNITI expo, the new leading trade fair for the world of gas stations, will be host to HELLA from June 3-5 when the lighting expert will be showcasing its portfolio of innovative LED lighting especially designed for gas stations. Taking center stage in HELLA's display (Hall 4, Stand 4A10) will be the optimized Eco module with 2,500 lumens, a product which is suitable for all manner of outdoor use, ranging from the fuel and service areas through the parking places right up to the car wash facilities. And smart interior lighting is not neglected as the extensive lighting concept of HELLA embraces both functional and also esthetic solutions for indoors.


Raimondo Baiamonte, the lighting expert responsible for sales and marketing of gas station lighting at HELLA, explains in this way: "HELLA sees the big picture of gas station lighting. So a modular system offers more versatility and can be used very flexibly - it's simple, it's innovative and it's sustainable."


The very heart of the HELLA lighting concept is the long-lasting and energy-efficient Eco module, which can be implemented in all outdoor situations. The new and improved 2,500 lumen version of this product once again demonstrates how HELLA's modular system is always so innovative and ever ready to face the future. The use of this new module automatically means that especially light output and the environmentally-friendly performance of the Eco StreetLine and the IndustryLine ranges are improved yet again. The quick and easy changing of the module can still be carried out without the need for any tools by using the plug and play connector and the previous interface, which means that all this can be performed by the gas station staff there and then. Moreover, this new version, just like its predecessor, boasts a very long service life and has low maintenance and repair costs thanks to its LED technology. The innovative optics direct the light in such a way that it can be extremely efficiently exploited. The homogeneous light distribution creates a heightened sense of safety for customers, it enables better photographs to be taken by the surveillance cameras and it also assists in the saving of light points.


The 2,500-lumen Eco module is a feature found in the new gas station recessed luminaire, a lamp which is available in the two-module variation (5,000 lumens) or it comes in the three-module version (7,500 lumens). The new gas station recessed luminaire with its state-of-the-art LED technology is also an alternative to existing surface mounted ceiling luminaires and it can replace conventional lamps because its measurements correspond to the usual standard dimensions. In addition to the gas station recessed luminaire, HELLA now also offers applications for the access and service areas; the lighting expert similarly has on offer moisture-proof luminaires for use in the car wash. In other words, gas stations can fall back on the flexible Eco module for all their lighting requirements.


This pioneering selection of equipment is rounded off by good ideas for the interior, solutions which bring about not only universal homogeneous lighting but also an effective highlighting of individual segments in the shop. Something that is quite necessary as demands for better lighting quality indoors are also constantly rising. Findings from various studies have shown that good shop lighting positively influences the purchasing behavior of customers. And so HELLA has also met this challenge and come up with top-flight, sustainable solutions. The extensive range of shop lighting covers functional equipment but also includes additional highlighting and ambient illumination. Plain and simple LED downlights create homogeneous basic lighting over a wide area, lighting which is based on a combination of a special optics disc and sophisticated reflector technology. The LED spots use this reflector technology to cast their light in such a way so as to pinpoint various product groups and displays. And the icing on the cake is the possibility of using an additional ambient function to bring out specific areas in a variety of colored lighting.

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