Technology & Products / 18.04.2017
Technology & Products / 18.04.2017

Module 50 LED Spot Provides More Storage Safety

  • HELLA lighting engineers develop new lens optics
  • Spot-shaped ground lighting alerts vehicles and pedestrians to approaching vehicles

Lippstadt, April 18, 2017. The HELLA distribution center in Erwitte has been betting on the "Modul 50 LED Spot" already since October 2016. With its compact warning light, the lighting and electronics specialist HELLA has expanded its work headlamp series "Modul 50 LED" in early 2016. It enables the spot-shaped lighting of the ground, thus warning vehicles and pedestriants of approaching vehicles in storage, incoming goods, shipping and production areas.


Seeing and being seen is an important topic especially with regard to forklifts. "Sight is often limited when operating forklifts -- when for example unloading a truck and the forklift driver is backing up", says Markus Brunnen, Head of Intralogistics at the HELLA distribution center in Erwitte. For increasing work safety in situations like these, the lighting engineers at HELLA have developed new lens optics and integrated them into the existing Modul 50 LED work headlamp. The new spot version pools the LED's luminous flux so that a circular warning spot is projected onto the ground approximately two to three meters in front of and behind the forklift. "This makes it possible for pedestrians to identify forklifts more quickly in e.g. shelving and ramp areas or at partially obstructed intersections", says Markus Brunnen.


At the distribution center, 40 forklifts are now equipped with the Modul 50 LED Spot in its blue version. The product is additionally available in the colors red and green. This ensures that forklifts are always easily recognizable -- no matter the ground or lighting conditions. An additional advantage: at 340 grams, the Modul 50 LED Spot is particularly light and is therefore suitable for mounting to the roof areas of front loaders and reach trucks. At the distribution center in Erwitte, the Modul 50 LED Spot is also used on order pickers. To this end, the work headlamp is hood-mounted in the direction of travel.


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