Technology & Products / 18.03.2013

HELLA offers more LED worklights for agricultural and construction machines

The Oval 90 and Oval 100 product ranges now each include new LED variants


Lippstadt, March 18, 2013. Lighting expert HELLA has supplemented its modular worklight ranges Oval 90 and Oval 100 with new LED variants.
The Oval 90 and Oval 100 LED worklights attain the same levels of light output as the standard halogen lights, but with just half the levels of power consumption. The light output of the Oval 90 LED and the Oval 100 LED is 1,700 and 1,500 lumens respectively. Both are therefore particularly well suited for applications in vehicles with battery operation and whose alternators are already subjected to high loads. A specially-developed multi-facet reflector provides optimum light distribution and even illumination. With a rating of approximately 5,700 Kelvins, the LED worklight attains lighting levels very similar to daylight. Colors can therefore be differentiated more clearly in dark conditions than in the yellow light of the halogen bulbs. This makes perception through the human eye significantly easier, thus preventing the eyes tiring quickly.

The black housing for both worklights is made of aluminum and features cooling fins. These perform the necessary heat dissipation of the high-performance LEDs, which are additionally monitored by a temperature sensor. This is the only way in which the long service life of the LEDs (up to 130 times longer than a halogen bulb) can be exploited. The integrated electronics are protected against inverse polarity and equipped with an LED fault jumper.


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