Technology & Products / 18.03.2013

Power Beam 5000 - More light for construction and heavy duty construction machinery

Reliable support for working in extreme conditions


Lippstadt, March 18, 2013. With the Power Beam 5000, HELLA has added a high-performance worklight to its product family. This new LED headlamp was developed specifically for use on large construction vehicles and mining vehicles. 23 high-performance LEDs provide a luminous flux of 4,500 lumen. In addition, the integrated multi-faceted reflector ensures that the light is dispersed evenly in the whole work area and, with a color temperature of 5,700 kelvin, is very similar to daylight. This makes sensual perception easier for the human eye and prevents them quick fatigue. The Power Beam 5000 is outstandingly energy-efficient, with a consumption of 70 watts. The robust headlamp can be operated with either 12 or 24 volts. Using the integrated inverse polarity protection, the Power Beam 5000 delivers between 9 and 33 volts of constant high power even under varying operating voltage. If one LED fails, the LED fault recovery system guarantees constant brightness. A further advantage of this new worklight is the particularly long design life (up to 130 times longer than a halogen bulb). This is above all based on optimal temperature management, which results from both the cooling ribs on the black aluminum housing and the additional temperature sensor.

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