Technology & Products / 17.12.2014
Technology & Products / 17.12.2014

Handbrake cables and clutch cables arrive in the Hella Pagid range

Long-lasting handbrake and clutch cables from Hella Pagid guarantee top safety and utmost convenience

Essen, December 17, 2014. Hella Pagid, the brake specialist for the Aftermarket, is extending its product portfolio in the shape of handbrake cables and clutch cables. This joint venture of the two automotive suppliers, TMD Friction and HELLA, has already distinguished itself with an extensive product portfolio covering brake hydraulics, wear parts, clutch hydraulics, fluids and accessories, thus making these segments into their five pillars of business.


But now the range has opened its doors to some newcomers. Very recently more than 1,000 handbrake cables and 235 clutch cables were added, parts guaranteed to amply cover demand on the European market. "The range intended for passenger cars and transporters is being constantly adjusted to suit market requirements and then accordingly extended," explains Marco Loth, Head of Product Management and Marketing at Hella Pagid. A separate cable conduit, itself enclosed in a sturdy outer casing, ensures that the cable, wound in accordance with OE requirements, has optimal gliding properties and exhibits a minimal amount of friction. It also demonstrates high resistance to corrosion. The Hella Pagid handbrake and clutch cables, manufactured to OE quality standards and specially adapted for vehicles and brake systems, guarantee a long service life, utmost safety and very convenient ease of use. All cables are delivered in high grade plastic packaging fitted with a practical hook, making the products space-saving and easily storable.


Marco Loth recommends that garages should regularly check and maintain handbrake and clutch cables. Should small cracks occur or any other suspect features appear on their surface, then the cables are to be replaced immediately. If defective parts are not exchanged, the functioning of the handbrake or of the clutch can be impaired and this subsequently leads to increased wear and tear of the components - with the worst case resulting in a complete failure of the systems.

The entire range can be viewed using the BrakeGuide app, Hella Pagid's online spare part catalog, which is also available by visiting .

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