Technology & Products / 17.03.2014
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HELLA to present LED lighting for parking garages at the intertraffic trade show in Amsterdam

Lights of the Eco IndustryLine series increase the feeling of safety thanks to their particularly homogenous illumination // LED technology reduces the costs of energy, maintenance and repairs

Lippstadt, March 17, 2014. The lighting expert, HELLA, will be showcasing innovative LED lighting solutions for the illuminating of parking garages and subterranean parking areas (Stand 03.309) at intertraffic, the international trade show for traffic and transport, which is taking place in Amsterdam this year from March 25-28. The light will be literally focused this time on the modular product series known as the Eco IndustryLine.


The innovative products of the Eco IndustryLine series succeed in bringing about a particularly homogenous illumination of driving lanes and parking bays, thus creating a significant increase in the safety experienced by all those using the parking garage. When one considers that humans receive around 80 percent of all their information visually, it is easy to imagine how badly illuminated intersections, entrances and exits can swiftly turn into really hazardous areas. But by specifically minimizing the buildup of shadows with the aid of LED lighting, so, too, can the accident risk be minimized. Furthermore, studies have shown that homogenous illumination clearly contributes to raising the subjective sense of safety felt by those using areas lit up in this way. Yet another advantage, especially for the operators of such parking garages, is the fact that LED modules boast a very long service life, which means that maintenance and repair costs can be considerably reduced. Should, nevertheless, repairs be necessary, any defective module can be easily replaced at any time using the plug and play principle thanks to the integrated electronic ballast and a single plug connector. And with their power consumption of just 17 watts, the lights of the Eco IndustryLine series boast a really reduced consumption of energy. Compared with a conventional T-8 light (63 watts), this constitutes cost savings of up to 73 percent. And there is also the extra bonus of CO2 emissions being reduced by approximately 75 percent.

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