Technology & Products / 16.04.2014
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X5 showcases HELLA's latest pioneering technologies

HELLA designs elegant interior and striking combination rear lights for BMW X5 // The presence of intelligent electronics ensures a longer service life for the battery, smart energy management and also a lot more safety

Lippstadt, April 16, 2014. Sporty exterior design meets interior feel-good atmosphere - HELLA uses its innovative lighting solutions to bring out both these features in sharp relief in the new BMW X5. And into the bargain, HELLA has set up an intelligent energy management system in this luxurious off-road vehicle.


An old saying has us believe that drivers spend more time concentrating on their driving than looking around at their vehicle.That might well have rung true, i.e. until the new X5 arrived with its special focus on luxurious interior design. As well as the top-quality materials crafted to perfection, the interior's wonderfully welcoming ambient lighting creates an elegant lounge-like atmosphere. The light sources encircle the vehicle's interior, highlighting its contours and turning it into a haven of harmony and comfort. Drivers can choose between three colors (white, orange or blue) which allow them to create illumination scenarios to suit the mood. Nine different pre-defined light designs make up the interesting selection. In addition to the horizontal illumination circling the interior, light sources in the selected color setting are also positioned in the footwells, in storage compartments, in the door pockets and around door handles. These light functions are generated with RGB LEDs (red, green, blue). Yet another feature is the back panel illumination, which is brought about by two-tone LED modules in the colors of white and orange. The light of the prominent horizontal illumination flowing around the interior is homogeneous and, thus, it particularly brings out the exclusive character of the X5.


Moving to the exterior of the car, we see the first combination rear lamp developed by HELLA for BMW. All the light functions of this taillight are produced by LED technology. Thanks to its design and the use of innovative edge lighting, features coupled with three-dimensional, background diffuse lighting structures, this lamp most definitely highlights the sporty character of the vehicle. Attractive style is one thing but the main objective of this lighting focused on efficiency: CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are reduced not only because of the use of energy-saving LED technology but also as a result of the lighting's very efficient design. For all the components, which are needed to illuminate the two typical BMW light clusters, could be integrated on just one circuit board.


HELLA, similarly keeping its finger on the pulse of efficiency, also supplies electronic components designed for fuel-saving vehicle functions, such as battery sensors and DC/DC converters that are aimed at intelligent energy management and engine stop-start systems. Such electronic components serve to bring about the conditioning of the battery with the aim of lengthening the service life of the starter battery. HELLA also provides the rain/light sensors supplied as standard in the new BMW X5, a bonus which improves drivers' vision by automatically activating the windshield wipers and the front lights at the onset of rain. And an extra helping of safety is provided for driver and passengers by the optional lane-change warning system, which is based on tried-and-tested radar technology developed once again by HELLA. This driver assistance system monitors the blind spot when a vehicle changes lanes and it alerts the driver by means of a flashing symbol in the wing mirror and gentle vibration in the steering wheel.

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