Technology & Products / 15.12.2014
Technology & Products / 15.12.2014

Regular changing of brake fluid increases road safety

Hella Pagid, the brake expert, boasts an extensive range of brake fluids suitable for all conventional brake systems

Essen, December 15, 2014. Dangerous situations occur on the roads very frequently. When it really is a question of life or death, it is not only good driver reaction time that prevents fatalities but also a brake system in tip-top working order. Consequently a brake system has to be regularly maintained so that in emergencies all the elements of this complex system function together in perfect harmony. Center-stage in all this is the brake fluid, which carries out a function of enormous importance. By exerting hydraulic pressure, this fluid transfers and directs the pedal forces to the brake system. But in order to function perfectly, the fluid has to be changed regularly. "Even the best brake fluids have a certain time span in which they can function effectively. The reason for this is the hygroscopicity of brake fluid, i.e. it absorbs moisture from its surroundings. This very often happens via the brake hose," explains Thomas Gorkow, product manager at Hella Pagid, the brake expert, and he adds, "Such absorption increases the amount of water present in the brake fluid and reduces its boiling point. The result is that the formation of steam bubbles can lead to a faster overheating of the brake fluid. In the worst case this can cause a complete failure of the brake system."


When changing brake fluid, it is also vital to ensure that the replacement fluid meets all the clearly defined requirements of car producers. And its composition has to be tailor-made to suit the particularities of each individual brake system. So as to ensure adherence to these requirements, an obligatory classification has been set up at an international level in accordance with DOT (The United States Department of Transportation). This classification has to be observed by producers and suppliers of brake fluids and, thus, also provides orientation guidelines for the Hella Pagid range of products. The range of Hella Pagid brake fluids includes the following:
DOT 3 (VE: 1l), DOT 4 (VE: 0.25l, 0.5l, 1l, 5l), DOT 4 LV (VE: 1l, 5l), DOT 5.1 (VE: 0.5l, 1l)


"But Hella Pagid is never satisfied with just the bare minimum requirements. Our brake fluids hugely exceed the prescribed legal values and therefore they are able to offer a maximum degree of safety in any extreme situation," emphasizes Thomas Gorkow. In order to achieve optimal brake performance and paramount safety, Hella Pagid recommends changing DOT 3 brake fluid at intervals of twelve months. DOT 4, DOT 4 LV and DOT 5.1 are to be changed after 24 months of use.


Furthermore, the brake expert points out that the brake fluid stipulated by the car manufacturer should be used and any mixing of brake fluids with varying DOT specifications should most definitely be avoided. The brake fluid range of Hella Pagid has been logically and practically extended by including brake cleaner and mounting paste. These two quality products have been tried and tested, they are easy to use and ideally suited to optimize both brake and also road traffic safety. Further details and all safety data sheets are available at .

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