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HELLA electronic immobilizer for agricultural and construction machinery


Lippstadt, 15 April 2013. Electronics expert HELLA presents an electronic immobilizer for agricultural and construction machinery for the first time. Vehicle theft has long ceased to be limited to just passenger cars or trucks. Agricultural and construction vehicles are increasingly falling victim to criminal activities. A stolen vehicle can result in substantial damages for the operator: Not only is it expensive to replace the vehicle, but the absence of that vehicle can also lead to considerable costs.

To protect against vehicle theft, HELLA is launching an electronic immobilizer onto the market just in time for the leading convention, bauma, in Munich in April 2013. This cannot be seen after installation and can make theft much harder. To activate the system, the mechanical key must be put in the "0" position in the start switch and remain there for at least five seconds. This separates up to three control units required to operate the vehicle like the starter, ignitions and fuel pump. This means the vehicle cannot be driven. To deactivate this state, both the mechanical lock and the electronic transponder are required. The latter is based on non-contact technology (transmitter and receiver unit) and has its own battery-free power supply. It is integrated in the mechanical key. Tampering with the immobilizer is impossible when the ignition is turned off. Furthermore, cutting or interrupting the power supply to the system does not deactivate it or clear any data (e.g. codes).

The immobilizer is suitable for 12V and 24V vehicle electric system voltage and can be used with all ignition switches from the HELLA ranges 6JB 003 959-0 and identical, commercially available devices.

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