Technology & Products / 14.03.2013

Graceful and elegant down to the last detail: the Opel Cascada with LED tail lights by HELLA


Lippstadt, March 14, 2013. Opel has equipped its new mid-range Cascada convertible with sophisticated technology designed to improve the safety of the vehicle in addition to its driving comfort. In this regard, the Rüsselsheim-based car manufacturer opted for HELLA lighting technology for the tail lights. The functions of the tail lights, rear fog lights and brake lights are all performed by the most modern LED technology, and the entire tail light unit is fully integrated into the trunk lid.

This means that the tail lights are harmoniously integrated into the four-seater's streamlined design. Particularly recognizable is the arrow-shaped LED tail light typical of Opel's aesthetics, and implemented as a uniformly illuminated surface using a semi-transparent lens. The brake lamp and the high-mounted additional brake light are equally impressive in LED, and both feature a consistent appearance thanks to their coupling with a solid light conductor. Another unique element is the chrome bar which spans the trunk lid. This ornamental feature bisects the innermost ends of the tail lights, and posed a particular challenge in terms of production technology due to the very low tolerances involved. Meeting this challenge underlines the successful and cooperative partnership between Opel and HELLA.

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