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HELLA presents light solutions with a safety theme at the Essen Motor Show 2013

Long-range illumination with the Luminator Compact LED through double reflector technology // +120 bulbs deliver an abundance of light // Enhancement of the LED daylight running light product range


Lippstadt, November 11, 2013. At this year's Essen Motor Show, the biggest car tuning trade fair in Europe, from November 30 to December 8, lighting expert HELLA will be exhibiting light solutions which improve the visibility of vehicles and also, by ensuring optimum illumination of the road, make conditions safer for all road-users (hall 2, stand A140). Besides the new auxiliary headlight Luminator Compact LED and the +120 halogen bulbs, HELLA will be presenting three new products in the daytime running light range - a development of the tried and tested LEDayLine concept, the new 83 mm daytime running lights and an LED daytime running light kit as an upgrade version.

The Luminator Compact LED, which HELLA is presenting for the first time, achieves very long-range illumination of the road with innovative double reflector technology. This guarantees optimum visibility even under the most difficult conditions which improves off-road safety considerably. Furthermore, the clear, cold, white light of the LED is better adjusted to human sight which prevents tiredness. Visually, the strikingly stylish design of the Luminator Compact LED sets it apart from traditional halogen and xenon versions, thanks to double-reflector technology. The auxiliary headlight is also low-maintenance as there is no need to replace the bulb, thanks to innovative LED technology. Moreover, passive heat dissipation means that an active fan is not required, due to integrated electronics and cooling ribs on the rear of the housing. The new compact auxiliary headlight can also withstand a short period of submersion in clean water, if the vehicle is driven through a ford, for example. The ventilation and pressure equalization provided by a waterproof and dustproof diaphragm filter make this possible. HELLA also makes a heavy-duty version with a ventilation hose instead of the diaphragm which is impervious to muddy water. With its more compact and smaller housing, the Luminator Compact LED (170mm in diameter) is an ideal alternative to the Luminator LED (220mm in diameter) for drivers of off-road vehicles, medium-sized trucks and transporters. The robust metal housing of the auxiliary headlight and a stable holder can also be fitted vertically and suspended. The new product is ECE type-tested and suitable for use in 12 and 24-volt vehicle electric systems.

Another major feature in the halogen lighting range are the new +120 halogen bulbs which deliver up to 120% more light and throw a 50-meter longer light beam. The higher light levels markedly improve visibility allowing dangerous situations to be identified more quickly and the homogenous light distribution ensures a more relaxed driving experience. The new +120 light bulbs are also notable for their styling, with a special coating to generate a whiter light. The silver caps lend an elegance to the clear glass headlamps. The +120 lamps are available as H1, H4 and H7-variants.

HELLA is presenting three more new products in the daytime running light range in Essen: the 83 mm LED daytime running lights are notable for their brightness although they use very little power. Thanks to a central fixing screw, they are very easy to fit. HELLA is also presenting a new LED daytime running light kit as an upgrade variant. With its low installation height, the model represents an ideal alternative for fitting to vehicles without sweep and for an uncomplicated upgrade. The LED daytime running light LEDayLine Zero is perfect for vehicles without or with 0° sweep at the desired installation location. The light is harmoniously integrated in the vehicle front thanks to its compact construction and pleasant design. The daytime running lights presented at the Essen Motor Show are all characterized by their particularly visible signal light. In serious situations, valuable reaction time is gained, effectively reducing the risk of an accident.

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