Technology & Products / 11.02.2013

New People Counter for rail traffic

HELLA presents the new People Counter APC-R // Specially tuned for the demands of the rail industry


Lippstadt, February 11, 2013. Being able to reliably determine passenger numbers is an important factor in the every-day work of many transport companies. The new People Counter APC-R from HELLA provides precise information on flows of people in rail vehicles, optimally fulfilling the rail industry's requirements. The APC-R has a flat design and very flexible installation positions which ease integration into the vehicle. The ability to pre-configure up to 32 installation locations makes start-up and maintenance far easier. In addition, only one component is required per door; extra control units or system cables are not necessary. One special feature is the monitoring of entrance/exit areas, which sends feedback messages if persons or objects are in the door area while the doors are closing. Using the video recording leads to large reductions in comparative counting costs.

In the development of people counters, HELLA can call upon many years of knowledge and experience in the area of automotive driver assistance sensors. Due to the very low error margins in this area, the measurement results provided by the HELLA People Counter are always 98% accurate, even under tough conditions. Unfavourable, variable lighting or the casting of shadows does not affect the count accuracy. The HELLA People Counter reliably counts both the number of people entering or leaving transport vehicles and the number of people are currently present. See for more detailed information.


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