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Intelligent Battery Sensor by HELLA for construction vehicles

12 volt sensor successfully realized // cooperation partner sought for testing the 24 volt prototypes 


Lippstadt, 09 April 2013. The topic of energy management does not only play a significant role in the automotive division. Construction machines are also being increasingly equipped with both electronic control and monitoring devices and also lights. These consume power even when the vehicle is at a standstill, thus placing a burden on the vehicle electric system. Under certain circumstances an exhaustive discharge occurs and eventually vehicle failure. For cars, the electronic specialist HELLA has developed the Intelligent Battery Sensor for monitoring the battery status and energy flow in vehicles and is considered a market leader with more than 20 million units sold worldwide. The company has now transferred its know-how to the construction vehicle division and is showcasing the Intelligent Battery Sensor for vehicles with 12 volt and 24 volt vehicle electric systems.

Fixed directly to the negative pole of the battery, the Intelligent Battery Sensor continually measures the physical values of the battery, namely voltage, current, and temperature. On the basis of these measured values, information can be determined algorithmically about the charging and loading status and statements can be made about the starting ability of the battery. In addition, these status parameters can be shown on a display developed by HELLA. This enables the functions capability of the vehicle electric system battery to be monitored at all times and prevents the vehicle from failure when in use.

HELLA has already successfully positioned the 12 volt variant of the battery sensor for small construction vehicles, but also for camper vans and caravans. The 24 volt sensor is currently available as a prototype. To test it, HELLA is still looking for cooperation partners, such as construction vehicle manufacturers or fleet operators, to participate in a test series.

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