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HELLA showcasing innovative lighting solutions during the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring


Lippstadt, July 08, 2013. From July 12-14, 2013 the lighting expert HELLA is presenting innovative solutions for truck lighting in the exhibition area of the 28th International ADAC Truck Grand Prix being held at the Nürburgring.

At the HELLA exhibition stand centrally located in the drivers' compound, visitors can find out all about high-performance auxiliary spotlights, such as the Rallye 3003 Celis with LED position light or the Luminator LED. The latter sets itself apart particularly so because of its robust construction and excellent light output. High performance LEDs are combined with high-boost reflectors to produce optimum illumination of the road, a situation leading to an increase in the driver's powers of concentration and to a decrease of any signs of tiredness. Also on display at the HELLA stand are worklights like the Power Beam 1500 and the hybrid combination rear lamp, EasyConn NextGeneration, produced for trailers. Designed along construction-kit lines, every light function of the combination rear lamp can either be operated with bulbs or, alternatively, by using LED technology. Easy replacement and even conversion can be carried out at any time with the result that solutions are always extremely flexible and can be tailor-made to suit every client's wish. Even the cover lens can be easily replaced, should it become damaged, without the entire light having to be replaced. Thanks to the modular structure and design of HELLA's EasyConn NextGeneration, long downtimes can be avoided, a fact which in turn cuts down on additional costs. Furthermore, the luminous flux of the combination rear lamp is significantly reduced as a result of using LED technology; similarly CO2 emissions are also reduced.

Lighting products made by HELLA especially stand out because of their superb quality and impeccable functioning capability, even under extreme conditions. It was only very recently that these characteristics were extolled during voting to determine the 2013 Best Brand: for the third consecutive time, approximately 10,000 readers of the trade journals, "lastauto omnibus", "Fernfahrer" and "trans aktuell" once again chose HELLA as the best brand in the field of lighting

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