Technology & Products / 06.11.2014
Technology & Products / 06.11.2014

"Taking Off" in the Light Testing Facility – HELLA Presents Innovative LED Airfield Lighting

Illumination experts from international airports experience innovative LED-based solutions for lighting up airfields in the HELLA light testing facility during "Airport Day"

Lippstadt, November 21, 2014. The HELLA light testing facility in Lippstadt is normally used to test the latest headlamps against all types of criteria under the close scrutiny of HELLA developers and its customers. Early in November, an entirely different audience had been invited as 20 illumination experts from international airports gained a comprehensive overview of HELLA's line of innovative and efficient LED-based airfield lighting products during the second "Airport Day" event. In the largest testing facility of its kind anywhere in Europe, the visitors from Sweden, France, Spain, England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands experienced the surface and elevated lights live and in so doing saw a realistic demonstration of luminous color, installation depth, and other criteria. A direct comparison also made it clear just how advantageous LED lights are compared to conventional halogen bulbs.


Three main aspects were in focus of Airport Day: safety aspects, coping with traffic increase, and environmental aspects. HELLA was proud to present initial concepts for increased runway safety systems as well as demonstrating how HELLA LED airfield lighting supports the requirements for increased traffic and stricter environmental requirements (greener airfields).


Of particular interest to the international audience of experts were the innovative products which were shown, including a flashing approach system that can be easily integrated in existing airport infrastructures and retrofit kits for converting airfield guidance signage to efficient LED lighting technology. Following this was a production tour of plant 1, which demonstrated the impressive manufacturing methods applied and the quality of the materials used.


Boasting a comprehensive range of LED-based surface and elevated lighting systems, HELLA now offers products for a wide variety of common illumination environments at airports. The company is currently working on several large projects in the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

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