Technology & Products / 04.09.2014
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HELLA equips first MPV with headlamps and rear combination lamps in LED technology

HELLA also offers highlights inside, with interior lighting and a complex roof control unit

Lippstadt, Germany, September 04, 2014. An MPV is now available - for the first time - with headlamps and rear combination lamps in innovative LED technology, with the new V class from Mercedes-Benz. Lighting expert HELLA is using its years of know-how in LED lighting and equipping the new MPV with front and rear lighting. And HELLA is also providing highlights on the inside of the vehicle.


The wing-shaped full LED headlamps really shape the front of the new Mercedes-Benz V class. The upper area of the headlamp is occupied by the direction indicator, which covers the entire width and comprises several reflector chambers. Beneath this are the daytime running and position lamps, realized in the form of a curved light transmitter. The cornering, low beam and high beam lamps take up the lower part of the headlamp. The latter functions are generated by the VarioLED module developed by HELLA. This is an AFS (adaptive frontlighting system) projection module based on a cylinder-shaped bulb shield with different contours on its surface. Depending on the required light distribution, the shield is rotated into the path of the beam, so that the driver can switch between low beam, high beam and highway light. This allows for dynamic regulation and situation-appropriate adjustment of the width and distribution of light, meaning that the direction of the road, pedestrians and potential hazards can be identified as early as possible. The cornering light ensures additional safety when parking, turning and maneuvering. The headlamp is also available as a basic version with halogen lights.


Apart from the back-up light, all light functions in the rear combination lamp have been implemented in LED technology. The ribbed tail light catches the eye. The stop light is positioned between the ribs using a Fresnel lens. This technology allows for the light from the light-emitting diodes to be carefully controlled, so that there is a clear difference between the two functions and so that they can be easily distinguished, despite being next to one another. The use of red-tinted, translucent materials once again emphasizes the appearance of the red colour, whereby the ribs of the tail light appear as glowing elements when the LEDs are activated. This achieves particularly homogenous illumination. In conjunction with the very rapid reactions of the light-emitting diodes, this considerably improves driving safety. The interior of the rear combination lamp also contains a slightly arch-shaped edge lit light transmitter, which performs the function of the turn signal light. The rear combination lamp is also available as a basic version, where all functions are realized using filament bulbs.


HELLA also provides highlights in interior illumination. Alongside various interior lamps, HELLA provides the complex roof control unit. Available in beige, black and porcelain, a light line outlines the console in the form of a horseshoe. Cube-shaped optical units provide further interest. In addition to integrated lights such as a reading light or cockpit light, HELLA is providing the electronics for the complex roof control unit.

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