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State-of-the-Art and Efficient Passenger Counting with the People Counter from Hella Aglaia


Berlin, February 3, 2014. Hella Aglaia will present the APC People Counter at the IT-TRANS International Trade Fair for Public Transport in Karlsruhe, Germany, from February 18 to 20, 2014 (Hall 2, Booth E10). The APC People Counter is a versatile system for counting passengers in public transport such as in buses and trains, but is also suitable for stationary applications, i.e. at terminals and at the entrances to platforms. Especially in local public transport, exact passenger counting becomes increasingly important for capacity planning and occupancy monitoring.


The core component of the APC People Counter is a 3-D stereo camera providing integrated image processing and analysis function. The sophisticated measuring method ensures excellent counting accuracy at a consistently high level, even in dense crowds and converging traffic areas. The additional "Stream and Store" feature of the APC People Counter allows automatic video recording with synchronized counter data, which is ideally suited for proving measuring accuracy efficiently and objectively.


The installation of only one sensor per vehicle door is straightforward regardless of the door characteristics. This makes integration into the vehicle easier—be it a new or a retrofitted vehicle. The Ethernet interface enables quick and easy data transfer, remote diagnostics and configuration. Precise data are immediately available for use and generally do not require any error compensation. Additional interfaces such as IBIS, RS485, J1708, as well as programmable I/O interfaces are also available. Since the detected persons are not identified, data protection is guaranteed.

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