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Rating History

The following table shows the course of our ratings since they were first published on 23 September 2002. For more information on our ratings, please feel free to consult the publications issued by Moody's.

2017-04-24 Rating Action Moody's confirms HELLA rating
2016-07-05 Rating Action Moody's confirms HELLA rating
2016-02-04 Rating Action Moody's confirms HELLA rating
2015-02-10 Rating Action Moody's confirms HELLA rating
2014-09-11 Rating Action Moody's leaves rating unchanged on HELLA's results for fiscal year 2013/2014
2013-01-17 Rating Action Moody's assigns Baa2 rating to HELLA's EUR 500 million debt issuance, PDF (0,49 MB)
2012-02-17 Rating Action Moody`s upgrades HELLA to Baa2; outlook stable, PDF (0,6 MB) 
2011-02-22 Rating Action Moody`s upgrades HELLA to Baa3; outlook positive,PDF (0,56 MB) 
2010-11-02 Announcement Moody`s changes outlook on HELLA´s Ba1 ratings to positive from stable, PDF (0,53 MB) 
2009-10-13 Rating Action Moody’s assigns Ba1 rating to HELLA’s EUR 300 million notes – Outlook stable
2009-09-16 Announcement Moody’s leaves rating unchanged on HELLA’s preliminary results for fiscal 2008/09
2009-06-02 Announcement Moody’s comments on the impact of General Motors’ announcement to file for chapter 11 on the European automotive parts suppliers
2009-03-24 Rating Action Moody’s downgrades HELLA to Ba1 – Outlook stable
2009-02-06 Rating Action Moody’s places HELLA’s Baa3/P-3 debt ratings under review for possible downgrade
2007-07-09 Rating Action Moody’s stabilises HELLA’s Outlook and affirms Baa3 rating
2006-08-25 Rating Action Moody’s downgrades HELLA to Baa3/P-3 – Outlook negative
2002-09-23 Rating Action Moody´s assigns Baa2/Prime-2 issuer rating to HELLA (Germany) and Baa2 long-term rating to new yen notes issue – Outlook stable



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