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Lippstadt – a bustling town with a traditional backdrop


Lippstadt, the Venice of Westphalia is well worth a visit whether you want to shop in the historic old town, relax in one of the numerous spa baths or discover the surrounding area by bike or on foot.


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The Venice of Westphalia
is well worth a visit.



Which do you prefer – elegant evening wear or a laid back leisure look? Lippstadt has it all. Get expert advice in small boutiques or browse through high street brands for a bargain. But it is not just fashionistas who will find what they want – the town also features individual design and furnishings shops, creative craft shops and a wide variety of stores with all sorts of different products.


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A truly relaxed



Is it possible to live centrally yet be surrounded by greenery? It certainly is in Lippstadt. Since the two extremely are very closely linked to each other. Around 750 kilometers of waterways flow through and around the town which is where it gets its nickname “The Venice of Westphalia". It is just five minutes’ walk from the marketplace to Grüner Winkel, a park which is ideal for relaxing or walking and for canoeing or cycling.


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Live at one
with Mother Nature



Are you obsessed with sport? Perfect – so is Lippstadt! Football fans have plenty to choose from, as do fans of less well known sports, such as canoe slalom and Jugger. Many local sports clubs are also supported by the town which provides funds to ensure their future.


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73 sports clubs covering
40 different sports mean
there is something for everybody.



Fancy living cheaply in the town centre? In Lippstadt that is not just a pipedream. Whether you want a farmhouse, attic or old townhouse – you can find a high quality of life coupled with low prices throughout the area. The cost of rented apartments, for example, has been below the average for North Rhine Westphalia for many years. But if you prefer to live a little more off the beaten track you can rely on the extensive public transport system – or on your bicycle because cycle tracks are an integral part of Lippstadt life.


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Farmhouse, attic or old townhouse
– high quality of life coupled
with a low cost of living



Don’t know what to plan? What about the Lippstadt spring festival and duck racing in April? Or the old town festival in May? Why not try the gourmet weekend during the summer at “Lippstadt Culinair”? Or drop by in October during the town fair week, the Lippstadt Autumn Week. Then again you may prefer to visit the Christmas market to experience the events of a year in a truly relaxed atmosphere!


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The town never stands still
-there is always something going on.



If Lippstadt were able to talk there is no doubt it would be able to tell a few stories, but even if you just walk through the historic town centre you will quickly realize that Lippstadt is a town that has grown up through many different ages and is one rich in variety. Not only is this demonstrated by the historic buildings such as St Mary’s Church, the Town Hall and the Town Palace. The bronze statues in the town and the light sculptures along the River Lippe are another sign of the rich artistic and cultural history of the Venice of Westphalia. In addition a wide range of courses and events is staged by the adult education centre and library.


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A living document
of changing history
with whole host of culture



Despite the fact that the Westphalians are reputed to be very down to earth, they certainly know how to celebrate in Lippstadt. And there are plenty of reasons to do so with a wide range of clubs, bars, pubs, beer gardens and town festivals encouraging dancing into the early hours or simply chatting to friends. Other occasions to discover the open and friendly people of Lippstadt include the old town festival, town square festival and autumn week.


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The people of Lippstadt know
how to let their hair down
in the town’s numerous
clubs, bars, pubs
and beer gardens



Do you prefer curried sausage or tapas? What about pizza, pasta or typical Westphalian dishes? If you’re not sure you have a difficult decision to make in Lippstadt with cult bistros, relaxing cafes, local pubs and restaurants, trendy bars and typical Westphalian gasthofs. But one thing is certain – Lippstadt has a fantastic range of excellent places to eat.


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From traditional to modern -
Lippstadt’s restaurants have it all.



Lippstadt is a great place for children. Not only does it have an enormous park very close to the town centre, but also a whole host of  playgrounds, swings and roundabouts within the actual pedestrian zone for children to let off all the steam they want. Moreover, the town has a vast array of high quality childcare facilities to help young parents get their work-life balance just right.


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Playgrounds for climbing,
scrambling and generally
letting off steam



Education is right at the heart of Lippstadt with schools for all ages and abilities, a further education college, vocational colleges, a high school which specializes in natural sciences and a study centre for a distance learning university. There is also an adult education centre and a music college which provides more than 2000 Lippstadt people with training in classical and modern music every year and can also provide dancing and theatre courses.


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A long tradition of public
and private education


Traffic links

Where exactly is Lippstadt? Right at the heart of Westphalia of course! There are excellent links to the nearby cities by rail and road and Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport is just 20 minutes away. But in Lippstadt itself you will also find all your transport needs are catered for – regardless of whether you want to go shopping, have a coffee and a chat or go out into the countryside.   


Travel by car, rail or air -
an excellent location and
infrastructure to match.

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