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Staying on the safe side with comprehensive air conditioning service

Advice from Thermal Management expert Behr Hella Service: "regular inspections of your air conditioning system improve both safety and costs."


Schwäbisch Hall, February 5, 2013. As in previous years, Thermal Management expert Behr Hella Service has begun 2013 with a comprehensive campaign for the air conditioning season. A slew of marketing measures have been introduced to help garages direct the attention of passenger car drivers and commercial vehicle fleet managers towards air conditioning servicing, and increase awareness of its importance. Regular servicing of air conditioning systems not only clears the vehicle of infectious bacteria; it also prevents expensive repairs that could happen in case of a complete system failure, for example.

In the passenger car sector, the Thermal Management campaign 2013 mainly consists of promotional materials that remind customers to get their air conditioning systems serviced regularly. When combined, they make a comprehensive package which reminds customers about air conditioning checks before they even enter the garage, using large banners and the redesigned, inflatable penguin. The air conditioning penguin also helps the customers inside the garage, providing useful information on posters and flyers. This year, the penguin is wearing a spacesuit and using the catchphrase "One small step for your car - a giant leap for your wallet!"

The Thermal Management campaign in the commercial vehicle sector is completely focused on the issue of cost-efficiency in the fleet. Here, the emphasis is on regular air conditioning servicing to avoid expensive repair work and costs in case of failure - e.g. due to compressor damage - by spotting problems early. As in the passenger car sector, garages can increase awareness of this issue using informative flyers. Detailed cost/benefit analyses are used to show decision-makers in forwarding companies and commercial vehicle garages and fleets the costs they could save with regular air conditioning servicing.

In this year's extensive Thermal Management campaign range, garages can once again find a variety of technical documents: from filling quantity handbooks for the garage and various technical brochures to information on why air intercoolers should be replaced following mechanical turbo damage. The well-established know-how tool now also features entries on oil radiators for retarders. On top of this, garages can use social networks such as Facebook and YouTube to keep up-to-date with the latest information on new Behr Hella Service products, flyers and brochures. In addition to technical information, there are also a number of flyers for the passenger car, transporter and commercial vehicle ranges. These provide information on many items, such as products for Asian vehicles, compressor oils and more than 200 alternative products that are offered in addition to the corresponding original spare parts in the radiator, air conditioning compressor and air conditioning condenser sectors. These alternative products are especially suited to cost-effective servicing of older vehicles.

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